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Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet, Amateur Ballroom winners.© Thomas Morton. (Click image for larger version)

What’s the thing about Ballroom? The International Ballroom Dancing Championships 2012

DanceTabs concentrates on dance on stage, like critics do… but dance has a whole other persona in its ballroom guise and never the twain really meet. We wanted to know more and Vikki Jane Vile kindly gives us an insight, attending one of the major ballroom championships…

Artistic Director Tamara Rojo Announces English National Ballet New Season

To be honest I don’t think her first announcements are a landmark in repertoire terms – but it was never going to be unless some ballet fairy deposited a few extra million in the company coffers to allow instant change.

Bob Lockyer at 70. © Elliott Franks at www.elliottfranks.com. (Click image for larger version)

Interview: Bob Lockyer at 70, Mr Dance when the BBC did dance

In a life at the BBC the director, Bob Lockyer, was an outstanding champion of dance for the camera. Now 70, he is still indefatigable in his enthusiasms

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