DanceTabs Contributors

Most pages on DanceTabs have a list of regular contributors in the sidebar. The writers and photographers in that list have generally contributed in the last 6 months.

This page features a complete list of contributors ever since DanceTabs opened for business. Some on the list only contributed one or two articles, some are no longer contributing at all and/or have not contributed in the last half year. We thank all contributors profusely for their support of DanceTabs.

Clicking on a writer's name in the short table that follows brings up a short-form list of articles by that author - clicking on their name there then brings up a full page about the author including biography, links to websites etc and an attractively formatted complete list of articles they have contributed.

Aimee Tsao


Alan Helms


Bruce Marriott


Claudia Bauer




Dave Morgan


Deborah Weiss


Foteini Christofilopoulou


Graham Watts


Heather Desaulniers


Jane Simpson


Jann Parry


Jordan Beth Vincent


Josephine Leask


Lauren Gallagher


Lise Smith


Lynette Halewood


Margaret Willis


Marina Harss


Michelle Potter


Natasha Rogai


Oksana Khadarina


Paul Arrowsmith


Sara Veale


Siobhan Murphy


Stephen Wright