Author: Sheenagh Pietrobruno

Sheenagh Pietrobruno is a writer and researcher. She is an Associate Professor at Saint Paul University/University of Ottawa. She contributes to Dance International Magazine and The Dance Current. Sheenagh is the author of the dance book Salsa and Its Transnational Moves. On Twitter @Pietrobruno

Under are the articles written for DanceTabs.
Paris Opera Ballet in The Seasons’ Canon.© Agathe Poupeney / OnP. (Click image for larger version)

Paris Opera Ballet – Thierrée /​ Shechter /​ Pérez /​ Pite – Paris

★★★★✰   Crystal Pite’s work stands out as the crowd-pleaser. With huge cheers and applause, we rise to our feet for the dancers.

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