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Jane Simpson Retiring from Writing after 18 years at Balletco and DanceTabs

It’s with a heavy heart that I have just run Jane Simpson’s last review for DanceTabs.

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New Writers Joining DanceTabs

DanceTabs opened for business 6 weeks ago and it already gives me enormous pleasure to say we are taking on more writers…

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DanceTabs on Twitter

The Balletco Twitter account has been renamed to DanceTabs since DanceTabs is where magazine coverage continues. We think that’s what people really want to know about for the future and sadly there is just little or no Balletco news to relate going forward.

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Welcome to DanceTabs

DanceTabs looks to cover dance with writers and critics of experience. It’s a shrinking world for pukka criticism and we worry about knowledgeable voices being lost in a sea of much social and blog happiness. We look to cast a sharp eye over what is happening and tell it like it is in happiness or sorrow…

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