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This is from the About Us page – hopefully in short order it covers what we are about.

DanceTabs looks to cover dance with writers and critics of experience. It’s a shrinking world for pukka criticism and we worry about knowledgeable voices being lost in a sea of much social and blog happiness. We look to cast a sharp eye over what is happening and tell it like it is in happiness or sorrow, both here and via social media. If you don’t agree with what we say then I am sure you will let us know in your various ways.

DanceTabs LogoDanceTabs opened for business in February 2012 and was started by Bruce Marriott who ran the Balletco website for over 15 years. Balletco was one of the first dance sites on the net and was very much about giving the audience a place to talk and exchange views – both seriously and playfully. From 1997 Balletco ran a net magazine and over the years this steadily became more professional and it is that aspect which we look to enhance and grow further. We hope fans and the audience generally will appreciate and value our realism and candour.

We are based in London but cover dance elsewhere in the world and want to cover much more. If you like what we are about and want to help us do more then please contact us. Thank you.

For those who wonder: the Tabs in our name comes from the idea of keeping tabs on something (“to watch a person or a situation carefully so that you always know what they are doing or what is happening”) and Tabs as in part of a stage – the curtains down the side that stop the audience seeing into the wings.

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Bruce Marriott

Bruce Marriott is editor of DanceTabs. For non-dance stuff he can be found at


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