Author: Kosta Karakashyan

Kosta Karakashyan is a Bulgarian director, choreographer and writer. He has performed and choreographed on Dancing With the Stars Vietnam and is a two-time Bulgarian National Ballroom Champion. Under his creative agency Studio Karakashyan, recent works include directing music videos for artists Bettan and Acrillics and documentary dance film Waiting for Color about the LGBTQ+ persecution in the Chechnya.

Under are the articles written for DanceTabs.
Tsveta Doycheva's Hang in There.© Boryana Dzhivdzhanova. (Click image for larger version)

Tsveta Doycheva – Hang in There – Sofia

★★★✰✰   Doycheva’s first project explores a complex topic – the long-lasting trauma of gender-based physical violence.

Company Točnadanza in "Peggy Untitled": Dedicated to Peggy Guggenheim.© Francesco Barasciutti. (Click image for larger version)

Company Točnadanza – “Peggy Untitled”: Dedicated to Peggy Guggenheim – Venice

★★★✰✰   “Peggy Untitled” is a poetic, impressionistic tribute to the enigmatic Peggy Guggenheim and five works in the Guggenheim collection.

Derida Dance Company in Zen Play.© Atanas Maev. (Click image for larger version)

Derida Dance Company – Zen Play – Sofia

★★★★✰   Jeliazkov’s dance theatre work caries a signature kind of dark splendor. His pieces consistently impress with sharp attack and sinuous contortions…

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