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Carlos Garbin, Mark Lorimer, Chrysa Parkinson, Sue Yeon Youn and Sandy Williams in En Atendant.© Stephanie Berger. (Click image for larger version)

Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker – En Atendant, Cesena – New York

…for all that, the experience of watching En Atendant and Cesena was not an arid one. Instead, the two works managed to build an ascetic aura, like witnessing (or even taking part in) a kind of monastic ritual.

Rosas in publicty image for En Atendant and Cesena.© Anne_Van_Aarschot. (Click image for larger version)

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Rosas – En Atendant – London

I can’t help but feel cheated at missing this day into dusk on a summer’s evening in Avignon and waking up to its counterpart the next morning.

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