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China National Peking Opera Company in A River All Red.© Sinolink Productions. (Click image for larger version)

China National Peking Opera Company – A River All Red, The Phoenix Returns Home – London

★★★✰✰   Peking opera’s blend of highly stylised acting, singing, music and movement is always a feast for the senses. The costumes are reason enough to watch in themselves…

China National Peking Opera Company in The Legend of the White Snake.© China National Peking Opera Company. (Click image for larger version

China National Peking Opera Company – Legend of the White Snake & The General & The Prime Minister – London

★★★★★   …put together, over two very different performances – one highly comedic, the other, much more serious – all of this imagery, profound drama, great singing, hilarious comedy and so much more, is easily enough to justify my very first five star-rating of 2016.

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