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Eiko of Eiko and Koma in White Dance.© Anna Lee Campbell. (Click image for larger version)

Focus Dance with Eiko and Koma & John Jasperse Projects – New York

Eiko and Koma are now in their sixties. What stays with you is the image of those bodies, tormented, trembling, vulnerable, but ultimately indestructible.

Allysen Hooks, BJ Randolph, and Evan Teitelbaum in Closing Bell.© Amber Star Merkens. (Click image for larger version)

Dance Heginbotham – Twin, Closing Bell – Jacob’s Pillow

Once in a while we experience one of those serendipitous evenings in which we show up with few expectations, only to encounter an oasis of structure, understated virtuosity and, best of all, musical intelligence.

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