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Natalia Osipova in ISADORA: A Tribute to Isadora Duncan in Two Acts.© Doug Gifford. (Click image for larger version)

Natalia Osipova – ISADORA: A Tribute to Isadora Duncan in Two Acts (world premiere) – Costa Mesa

★★★✰✰   Half-narrative and semi-abstract, ISADORA hop-skips through the dancer’s life; it’s described in the program notes as a “freely interpreted biography,” and it cherry-picks around unsavory elements…

Cirque Eloise in Cirkopolis.© 2012 Productions Neuvart/Valerie Remise.

Cirque Eloise – Cirkopolis – London

The whole ensemble had a refreshing zest for performance …Although perhaps lacking in theatrical drama…

Peter Rapp drawing for Rebelling Against Limit.© Peter Rapp.

Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion – Rebelling Against Limit – London

Where Cheap Lecture seemed content to dispense casual and unpretentious pearls of wisdom in rhythmic form (“things made with effort sometimes only show effort”), Rebelling Against Limits seems shot-through with a minor angst…

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