December 2012
Nathan Goodman, Andres De Blust-Mommaerts and Liam Riddick in A Ceremony of Carols.© Tony Nandi. (Click image for larger version)

Richard Alston Dance Company – Roughcut, Unfinished Business, A Ceremony of Carols – New York

…it’s remarkable how satisfying the old-fashioned virtues of structure and form can be.

Pictures, all by Rick Guest, l-r: Edward Watson, Laura Morera.© DRick Guest, by kind permission of the Royal Opera House. (Click image for larger version)

Dancers of The Royal Ballet – A Photographic Exhibition – FREE Opens 25 January

Now Is All There Is – Bodies in Motion, is an exhibition of 34 stylized images of Royal Ballet dancers taken by photographer Rick Guest.

A Nutcracker Snowflake (Sabina Westcombe).© Dave Morgan, by kind permission of the Royal Opera House. (Click image for larger version)

Royal Ballet – The Nutcracker – London

Most of the dancers on stage tonight were not even born when the Royal Ballet’ s current Nutcracker production was new, and many of the audience too may imagine that it’s been a feature of the Christmas season forever…

Nutcracker on Ice.© Imperial Ice Stars. (Click image for larger version)

Imperial Ice Stars – The Nutcracker on Ice – Hong Kong

“While this may not be a Nutcracker for those looking for subtlety or sophistication, it’s a fun show designed to thrill adults as well as children.

Misa Kuranaga and Jeffrey Cirio in The Nutcracker.© Gene Schiavone. (Click image for larger version)

Boston Ballet – The Nutcracker – Boston

And together, Kuranaga and Cirio make a superb couple, performing with such sensitive musicality and balanced unison that it sometimes seems you’re watching a single composite creature.

Frances Chung and Davit Karapetyan in Nutcracker.© Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

San Francisco Ballet – Nutcracker – San Francisco

Not to be a scrooge-ish Grinch (or is it a grinchy Scrooge?), but I don’t really like all the sentimental and consumeristic trimmings and trappings that surround the holidays.

Poster image for Midnight Express from© Peter Schaufuss Ballet.

Schaufuss’s Midnight Express with Sergei Polunin at London Coliseum 9th-14th April

All Aboard! Peter Schaufuss’s Midnight Express Rolls into the London Coliseum 9th-14th April Olivier and Evening Standard award winning dancer, director and choreographer Peter Schaufuss today announces the production’s UK debut. The dance world’s…

The Nutcracker: Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli, surrounded by (l-r): Claudia Dean, Camille Bracher, Lara Turk, Hayley Forskitt.© Dave Morgan, by kind permission of the Royal Opera House. (Click image for larger version)

Gallery – Royal Ballet in The Nutcracker, Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli cast

36 pictures by Dave Morgan…

Hannah Vassallo as Aurora in Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty.© Simon Annand. (Click image for larger version)

Matthew Bourne / New Adventures – Sleeping Beauty – London

He knows he can’t surpass Petipa (or Ivanov for ‘Swan Lake’) – but he can tweak their scenarios into something uniquely his own. And he’s magnificently served by a cast of just 17, capable of switching roles at the twitch of a fairy’s wing.

Jamar Roberts and Jacqueline Green in Kyle Abraham's Another Night.© Paul Kolnik. (Click image for larger version)

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – new Kyle Abraham’s and others – New York

In many respects Abraham’s ‘Another Night’ is a typical Ailey work: its score is upbeat, its costumes are colorful and the dancing is fast and athletic.

ZooNation publicity image for their 10th Anniversary Show.© ZooNation. (Click image for larger version)

ZooNation – 10th Anniversary Show – London

Hip hop is rapidly becoming the dominant dance discipline of the 21st century. Something that emerged as raw and explosive from US street culture is now established, codified and taught all around the world.

Peter Darrell. © Alan Crumlish. (Click image for larger version)

Remembering Peter Darrell – Scotland’s Dance Pioneer (1929-1987)

As Clement Crisp wrote after Darrell’s death: ‘His ballets are true and fascinating mirrors of their age’. Timing a revival is always tricky. Would we want to see his Beatles ballet, Mods and Rockers (1963), again?

Melissa Hamilton and Eric Underwood - Arabian dance, The Nutcracker.© Dave Morgan, by kind permission of the Royal Opera House. (Click image for larger version)

Gallery – Royal Ballet in The Nutcracker, Steven McRae & Roberta Marquez cast

36 pictures by Dave Morgan…

Hubbard Street Dancers Meredith Dincolo and Quinn B. Wharton in Casi-Casa by Mats Ek.© Todd Rosenberg. (Click image for larger version)

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago – Casi-Casa, Blanco, PACOPEPEPLUTO, Untouched – Chicago

Ek’s movement teeters on the outer limits of emotion, barely contained and threatening to explode at the drop of a match, and there are numerous metaphoric lit matches in this piece – Casi-Casa.

part of the Frederick Ashton's Ballets book cover.© Dance Books. (Click image for full version)

Book – Frederick Ashton’s Ballets by Geraldine Morris

What would he himself make of this book, I wonder? He’d be amazed, I should think, by the amount of detail he’d find, and possibly surprised by some of it…

Russell Maliphant's The Rodin Project.© Laurent Phillipe. (Click image for larger version)

Russell Maliphant – The Rodin Project – New York

More than sculpture, the choreography reminded me of exhibitions of body-building.

Choreographer Mats Ek.© Lesley Leslie-Spinks. (Click image for larger version)

Mats Ek, Choreographer, working at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Ek laments the loss of dramatic repertory in today’s classical programming. “Many modern dancers don’t want that ‘reason’ for doing,” relegating drama in dance to childish pantomime, not serious business.

Compagnie MPTA/Mathurin Bolze in Du Goudron et des Plumes.© Christophe Raynaud de Lage. (Click image for larger version)

Compagnie MPTA/ Mathurin Bolze – Du Goudron et des Plumes – London

This remarkable experience is a cocktail of circus skills, dance, mime, comedy and illusion all wrapped up in an absorbing package of ebullient physical theatre.

Natalia Makarova Honoured at The 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honours

The Honors are America’s highest award for those whose creative triumphs influenced and enhanced American culture. This is a celebration of their outstanding careers and extraordinary talents and appreciation of their unyielding commitment and contribution to the arts.

The Snowman.© Alastair Muir. (Click image for larger version)

Birmingham Repertory Theatre/Robert North – The Snowman – London

…Robert North’s Christmas treat shows no sign of aging. This matinée was packed with children, having a few older people in tow, and everyone was having fun.

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