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Bill T. Jones and SITI Company – A Rite, /Time:Study 1 – San Francisco

A Rite, in the hands of Jones, Bogart, and Wong, is the most startling and insightful version I have seen…

Kate Weare Company in Drop Down.© Kate Weare Company. (Click image for larger version)

SF Walking Distance Dance Festival – Kate Weare, Brian Brooks and others

Kate Weare, originally from the Bay Area and now based in New York, is easily the most intriguing choreographer in the festival. It certainly helps that she also has outstanding dancers…

Scott Wells & Dancers – At Ease and Parkour Deux – San Francisco

For the twenty years his company has been around, Wells’s choreography has incorporated contact-improvisation, sports paraphernalia (balls of every size from ping pong to basketball, boxing gloves, skateboards), music from classical to rock, often in rapid succession, juggling and gymnastics.

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