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NEBT Patrons: Mara Galeazzi, Darcey Bussell, Anya Sainsbury and Erina Takahashi.© Dave Morgan. (Click image for larger version)

Gallery – New English Ballet Theatre Fundraiser

20 pictures by Dave Morgan…

Eugenia Brezzi - and Katya Bourvis, Hayley Blackburn in George Wiliamson's Threefold.© Dave Morgan. (Click image for larger version)

New English Ballet Theatre – Synergies bill – London

All in all, this was a programme that delivered what Karen Pilkington-Miksa and her team set out to achieve for which she (and they) deserve our considerable applause. …NEBT allows one more throw of the die but these young dancers still need a “double 6” to win contracts for more sustainable jobs.

Hayley Forskitt and Luca Rapis in Kristen McNally's Lonesome Gun, part of New English Bellet Theatre's Synergies bill. © Dave Morgan. (Click image for larger version)

Gallery – New English Ballet Theatre in Synergies bill

27 pictures by Dave Morgan…

Karen Pilkington-Miksa. © Joshua Lawrence. (Click image for larger version)

Interview: Karen Pilkington-Miksa – Founding Director, New English Ballet Theatre

It’s a very special time when a new company is formed and about to give its very first performance – we caught up with the founding director…

New English Ballet Theatre – Inaugural performances, 4-8 July, London

Synergies is an exciting programme of world renowned choreography and four premieres by young emerging choreographers. NEBT’s dancers will perform alongside guest artists Marianela Nuñez and Thiago Soares, only on the gala night of July 5th…

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