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Kevin and Karen Clifton.© Stuart Glover. (Click image for larger version)

Kevin and Karen Clifton – Kevin and Karen Dance – London

★★★★✰   This show defied the norm: a counter-intuitive observation about a spin-off from the archetypal routine of a Saturday evening institution that millions of us watch with our feet up.

Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet, Amateur Ballroom winners.© Thomas Morton. (Click image for larger version)

What’s the thing about Ballroom? The International Ballroom Dancing Championships 2012

DanceTabs concentrates on dance on stage, like critics do… but dance has a whole other persona in its ballroom guise and never the twain really meet. We wanted to know more and Vikki Jane Vile kindly gives us an insight, attending one of the major ballroom championships…

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