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Cathy Marston Leaving Bern Ballett

Cathy Marston. © Philipp Zinniker. (Click image for larger version)
Cathy Marston. © Philipp Zinniker. (Click image for larger version)

Konzert Theater Bern (previously Stadttheater Bern) announces change in artistic direction of the Dance Department – Bern Ballett.

From the August 2013 there will be a new Director of Dance at Konzert Theater Bern, based at the Stadttheater Bern, Switzerland. Cathy Marston, who was appointed Dance Director by the former Theater Intendant, Marc Adam, will continue to direct the Bern Ballett until the end of next season 2012/13.

The Board of Trustees of Konzert Theater Bern has approved the decision by new Intendant, Stephan Märki.

Stephan Märki: “The decision to change the dance department within the KTB was not easy for me. Cathy Marston has succeeded in recent years to find a new anchor for dance in Bern; to revitalize the repertoire and build a versatile, high-quality company. Their work deserves our utmost respect and sincere thanks. However, faced with the challenge to give a new artistic direction to the institution, our artistic visions differ too much to enable a long-term collaboration between us. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to the coming season of work together us very much. ”

Cathy Marston: “The ensemble that I have established since 2007 is of an excellent quality, demonstrated not least by the international invitations we have received and our recent participation in the Swiss-wide, internationally reputed Steps Festival. When my last season in Bern ends in July 2013, we will have developed 32 world premieres over six years. I hope that the company will continue to be nurtured with care and responsibility, that the enthusiastic audience we have built up is maintained and developed, and that the company achieves its full potential. In the up-coming season we still have much to look forward to: We will continue to show a broad spectrum of contemporary dance, at the highest level, collaborating with no fewer than six international choreographers. I wish Stephan Maerki and his team all luck for the future.”

Stephan Märki, Director Bern Concert Theatre
Cathy Marston, director of Dance

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  • Whilst this news does not come as a total surprise, it is unfortunate for the company that Cathy fought to keep in existence when dissolution this year was in prospect shortly after her arrival in Bern; for which she has built a local audience through an active commissioning policy that bears comparison with most larger companies and regular open rehearsal nights; and which, in her care, has established a reputation resulting in its first overseas invitations. I treasure the memory of my two visits out there, and earnestly hope that we yet see things like her “Julia und Romeo” staged back here, and I’m sure that another company somewhere will benefit from her choreographic talent and proven administrative experience after mid-2013.

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