March 2013
Terrain promotional image.© Rifleman Productions. (Click image for larger version)

Rifleman Productions – Terrain, Amanimal – Auckland

Noirish, chilling, and wry, provocative, perturbing and electrifying, it (Amanimal) was a fitting winner of the 2013 Auckland Fringe Awards for Best Dance Production

Tero Saarinen in HUNT.© Marita Liulia. (Click image for larger version)

Tero Saarinen Company – Westward Ho!, Wavelengths, HUNT – Washington

Like the Stravinsky score, HUNT is a tour de force. The monumental orchestral chants of The Rite inspired the choreographer to create a dance-as-ritual in which music, movement, and multimedia blend together…

A 1973 poster for the ballet held on

Shanghai Ballet – White-Haired Girl – Hong Kong

Ideological qualms aside, White Haired Girl is an odd bird. The choreography is a hybrid between textbook classical vocabulary and Chinese opera, an idea interesting in itself but here executed with a lack of imagination…

Tavaziva Dance in Greed.© Irven Lewis. (Click image for larger version)

Tavaziva Dance – Greed – London

Despite the title, Bawren Tavaziva’s latest work is not so much about Greed as it is about the full house of deadly sins (bestial lust and envy being especially to the fore).

Laura Halzack and Michael Trusnovek in Beloved Renegade.© Paul B. Goode. (Click image for larger version)

Paul Taylor – Cascade, To Make Crops Grow, Beloved Renegade – New York

Beloved Renegade – I’d venture to say that this is one of Taylor’s great works, heartfelt, profound, complex and deeply musical.

Juliet Burnett.© Jo Duck. (Click image for larger version)

Juliet Burnett on the dancing life – “You’re thinking too much”

“You’re thinking too much” – This is an accusation often directed at me. If it were a medical condition, it might be called Terminal Over-Analysis, or Deep Thought Thrombosis…

KAGE in Flesh and Bone.© Lachlan Woods . (Click image for larger version)

KAGE – Flesh and Bone – Melbourne

Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck have maintained a successful collaboration for 15 years, and, prosthetics aside, this work can also be seen as a personal exploration of their professional partnership.

Rosie Kay Dance Company in There is Hope.© Katja Ogrin. (Click image for larger version)

Rosie Kay Dance Company – There is Hope – Birmingham

I’ve seen ‘There is Hope’ twice now and want to again – there is so much to unpack. …It’s a beautifully-crafted piece with the band an integral part of the telling – as much as the dancers. It deserves a lot more touring…

Scottish Ballet at 2013 Edinburgh Festival – work from 14 choreographers

Press Release 12 March 2013 SCOTTISH BALLET presents DANCE ODYSSEYS Edinburgh International Festival Festival Theatre Edinburgh Friday 16 – Monday 19 August 2013 Scottish Ballet invites Edinburgh International Festival audiences to experience dance…

Scottish Dance Theatre's Winter Again.© Maria Falconer. (Click image for larger version)

Scottish Dance Theatre – Second Coming, Winter Again – London

There is a mysterious exoticism in Scottish Dance Theatre’s delivery of work by two innovative choreographers (one hails from LA, the other from Norway) whose work is largely unknown in the UK.

Ballet Revolución.© Nilz Boehme. (Click image for larger version)

Ballet Revolucion – London

Well, it isn’t ballet and it isn’t revolutionary but it is fun…

Parisa Khobdeh and Michelle Fleet in Offenbach Overtures.© Paul B. Goode. (Click image for larger version)

Paul Taylor – Gala: Junction, 3 Epitaphs, Perpetual Dawn, Offenbach – New York

Opening night was a gala performance; one might have expected Esplanade, or Arden Court, but that’s just not Taylor’s style. For a choreographer who has been criticized for being too popular in his tastes, Taylor can be very odd indeed.

The Royal Danish Ballet in Jose Limon's The Unsung.© Costin Radu. (Click image for larger version)

Royal Danish Ballet – Dans2Go: Chroma, Unsung, Kingdom of the Shades – Copenhagen

The Royal Danish Ballet’s Dans2Go, year 3. As previously, the aim is to give newcomers a taste of different types of dance, at low prices…

San Francisco Ballet in Ratmansky's From Foreign Lands.© Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

San Francisco Ballet – From Foreign Lands, Scotch Symphony, Golden Hour – San Francisco

From Foreign Lands: “This amusing, yet subtle send-up of classical ballet is rewarding in its expertly-shaped choreography, and made all the more appealing by the slight wackiness of the costumes and visual jokes.”

Joseph Caley and Elisha Willis in Aladdin.© Bill Cooper. (Click image for larger version)

Birmingham Royal Ballet – Aladdin – Birmingham

All up, I came out entertained and it’s a piece that will endure. And if all the company can conqueror Act 1 there will be smiling families all the way, I think – smiling at the drama and the movement.

Nancy Osbaldeston, Tamara Rojo and Laurretta Summerscales.© Patrick Baldwin. (Click image for larger version)

English National Ballet Announces Winner of The Emerging Dancer Competition 2013

English National Ballet is pleased to announce Nancy Osbaldeston as winner of the Emerging Dancer Competition 2013. Laurretta Summerscales won the People’s Choice Award. Both dancers are former pupils of English National Ballet School.

Rosie Kay.© Petrov Ahner. (Click image for larger version)

Rosie Kay – Choreographer and Company Director

5 Questions for Rosie Kay – catching up on her latest work and new role as Artist in Residence at the Biocultural Variation and Obesity unit, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford.

Nancy Osbaldeston, Winner of the 2013 English National Ballet Emerging Dancer Competition. Nacy danced a solo from John Neumeier's Bach Suite No. 2© Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

Gallery – English National Ballet Emerging Dancer Competition

36 pictures by Foteini Christofilopoulou…

Jennifer Stahl, Garen Scribner and James Sofranko in Possokhov's The Rite of Spring.© Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

San Francisco Ballet – Guide to Strange Places, Beaux, Rite of Spring – San Francisco

Possokhov’s Rite of Spring is a mixture of mostly good choices with a few that seem rather odd to me.

© Ballet Black

Ballet Black – Egal, Dopamine, One Played Twice, War Letters – London

Of this year’s 4 premieres, 2 very much connected with me and 2 didn’t.

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